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ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength

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Size: 2 oz (30 Day Supply)

A medicine cabinet staple, ACS 200 Silver is the most effective immune boost formula available. With 200 parts per million Advanced Cellular Silver, ACS 200 Silver is clinically proven & highly recommended by doctors worldwide.

• MAINTAIN PEAK IMMUNITY - ACS 200 Silver provides a powerful immune system boost, supporting peak immunity with just a few sprays daily.

• CLINICALLY SUPERIOR SILVER – Decades of research substantiate the clinical superiority of ACS 200 Silver, surpassing benefits & efficacy of all competing silver products tested.

• SAFE & EFFECTIVE - ACS 200 Silver provides maximum immune boosting benefits without harming friendly gut flora, proving both safe & effective.

• RESULTS RNA FORMULAS ARE CLEAN- Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, excipient-free & vegan-friendly

Customer Reviews

Based on 338 reviews
Jess D

"I highly recommend this product!"
- Jess D

Hameed H.

"The price is excellent and the delivery speed is very good.'-Hameed H.

Anita B.

"This brand of silver is the best on the market. Works better than any healing product you have ever imagined."-Anita B.

Rain G.

“I should’ve bought this sooner. I have doubts before and also hesitant for the price, since there are cheaper brands than this. But I would say it is working.  I’m glad this has helped me to feel better.”- Rain G.

J. Fella

“I originally heard about ACS200 while watching a YouTube video where Dr. Garry G. was talking about it. After looking into it further, I became a convert. A lot of holistic doctors use it, and Dr. Garry G. says that he rarely has to prescribe antibiotics anymore, now that he uses high-dose vitamin C and ACS200 on his patients. The best part is, there are tons of kill time studies on their website, showing you exactly what pathogens, this has been tested on. In addition, there are over 500 university studies done on this, in the last decade alone, so it's the real deal. I think this is an essential part of a natural medicine toolkit for any household.”-J.Fella